Welcome to the brand new version of Synth University! I'm very excited to finally get this off the ground - I think the new format will allow students to learn better than ever, as well as provide a convenient space to see all of your previous ITV purchases. It's a great format.

It's been a long road. In 2011, I launched a Reason/Ableton training course called Digital Ninjas. It was fairly ahead of its time - there weren't any cool frameworks for selling courses online, and I stitched the whole thing together from a myriad of online sources. It had its shortcomings, but all in all the program was a success - 50+ keyboardists were introduced and guided through the idea of using Reason and Ableton to produce amazing keyboard sounds, sequences, etc - from the convenience of their bedroom.

I took a short break, and soon after in 2014, started doing live "seminars" or "workshops." These were streamed live from my bedroom studio, and went in depth into a myriad of topics ranging from synthesis, effects to live performance and theory. They were an IMMENSE amount of fun!

All in all, I've been able to reach over 1600 individual keyboard/synth players and help them achieve their potential.

Then in early 2016, I launched a new program called "Synth University." It was conceived as a monthly training program going in depth into Sound Design and Synthesis, while giving people specific goals and tasks to accomplish that will ensure they end up getting the most out of the lessons. And it's been awesome so far. There's a tight group of learners active, helping each other achieve greatness.

And now starts the next chapter of Synth University and Ian McIntosh TV.

From now on, I'll be releasing my training material under the brand Synth University. It's my goal to bring in other savvy trainers and musicians with the goal of creating the end-all resource for keyboardists learning about synthesis and sound design - with a worship team focus.

I'll be updating and re-releasing some of my previous content on here, some with new content - templates, updates, addendum etc etc.

As always, it is my priviledge and honor to work with the church from around the world - I look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your goals and dreams.