I’m the keyboardist for Jesus Culture.  I’ve also recorded on 70+ albums, including artists from Jesus Culture Music, Bethel Music, as well as my own.

I’m a teacher and instructor to keyboardists through my online schools and workshops.


I am a full time musician, and have worked in the music industry since 2004 – playing keyboards, as well as programming and a bit of singing/writing/producing.  I started in youth group, serving as a musician, worship leader, sound engineer, intern and leader.  I started writing my own songs, and eventually put out my own record “Awakened” in 2007.  Since then, I have developed a full-time job working as a studio musician, recording artist, instructor, and writer.  I have co-written many songs sung in corporate worship, including Love Came Down, God I Look To You, For The Cross, Alleluia, and I Want To Know You.

Through my online workshops and schools, I’ve trained over 2100 keyboardists from around the world. Known for my unique ability to simplify otherwise complex synthesis topics, I’ve been a featured instructor at many different conferences and schools, including Gateway Conference in Southlake TX, and Worship U in Redding CA.

In Jan 2016, I launched Synth University – an online school and community who’s aim is to help people reach their full potential in synthesis – in record time.

In my free time I usually end up reading, writing, as well as playing video games (nerd alert!)

I’ve been happily married to my beautiful wife Jesse since 2009, and we have a wonderful, wild boy, Oliver, and live in Northern California.

Here’s a list of my current gear setup, followed by my past gear setups.  FYI – it’s always changing, morphing… I’ll try to keep it up to date as much as is realistically possible.  (All links are affiliated – thanks for your support!)

If you are interested in my patches:  check out this page


Macbook Pro 15 inch i7 (mid 2012) 2.7Ghz, 16GB RAM, SSD
Steinberg UR824
Propellerheads Reason 8
Refills (See Below)
Ableton Live 9 (Suite w/ Max for Live)
Livid DS1
Keith McMillen QuNexus
iPad Air
Lemur App with Live Control 2.
1964 A12
Various Cables / Cases / Etc
USB Hub (use with caution haha)
Rented Controller Keyboards (I prefer the feel of Yamaha or Roland)

My Studio:
Custom Built Windows 7 PC – i7 2.8, 16GB RAM, too many HDs to mention (recommending Creation Station)
UAD Apollo Firewire w/ Quad Satelite
Event ASP8 (Or KRK VXT 8)
Avalon 737sp
Altec Lansing 1612a (Poor man’s 1176)
Neumann U87
SE Reflexion Filter
Ableton Live 8/9, w/ Max4Live
Propellerheads Reason 8
Refills (See Below)
Old Alesis QS8.1 as Controller
Yamaha VSS30
StepPolyArp iPad App
Arpeggionome iPad App

Refills (in order of usage – note I use mostly custom patches):
Reason Pianos
Abbey Road Refill
SR Retro Keys
SR MelloT
Reason Drums
Drummer Boy
Tom Pritchard Sound Design (all)
SR Gold Pack (tons of refills… used sparingly)

Adobe Premiere
Canon HV40
Photo Basics 2 Lite Kit w/CF mod
Shure SM93 +Portable Phantom Power

Nerd Kit:
MSI GT60 Gaming Laptop
Logitech G600
Steel Series Flex Mouse Pad
WoW (oops)
League of Legends


Motu Ultralite mk3 x2
Akai MPD 24
Novation Launchpad
Motu Traveller mk3
Ultimate Ears UE7 (Or Shure e5s)

Boss RV5 Reverb Pedals
Roland Fantom XR
Presonus FireStudio
Presonus FireStudio Project
Mbox 2Pro


As production:

Jesus Culture – Love Has A Name, 2017 (co-pro)
Chris Quilala – Split The Sky (post/additional mixing/etc)
Community Music – Love Over Fear, 2016 (co-pro)
Mid Cities Worship – Hands To The Sky, 2015 (producer)
David Leach – Our Savior’s Love, 2014 (producer)
Bethel Music – For The Sake Of The World, 2012 (producer)

As keys/synths/programming:


Kari Jobe – The Garden
Jesus Culture – Love Has A Name


Chris Tomlin – Never Lose Sight
Community Music – Love Over Fear
Chris Quilala – Split The Sky
Jesus Culture – Let It Echo
Jesus Culture – Let It Echo Unplugged


Jesus Culture – This Is Jesus Culture
Jesus Culture – Esto Es Jesus Culture
Derek Johnson – Real Love
Chris McClarney – Everything And Nothing Less


Jesus Culture – Unstoppable Love
Justin Jarvis – Atmospheres


Justin Jarvis –
Bryan And Katie Torwalt – Kingdom Come


Jesus Culture – Live From New York
Jesus Culture – Emerging Voices
Bethel Music – For The Sake Of The World


Jesus Culture – Awakening (Live From Chicago)
Bethel Music – Be Lifted High
Bryan And Katie Torwalt – Here On Earth
Brian Johnson – Love Came Down


Jesus Culture – Come Away
Bethel Music – Here Is Love
Dave Fitzgerald – Hope Of Heaven


Jesus Culture – Consumed
Alive – Ian McIntosh


Jesus Culture – Your Love Never Fails
Kim Walker-Smith – Here Is My Song
Kristene DiMarco – Those Who Dream


Jesus Culture – We Cry Out
Awakened – Ian McIntosh


Brian And Jenn Johnson  – We Believe

As writer:

For The Cross – Bethel Music
Chasing You – Bethel Music
Strong In Us – Bethel Music
I Can Feel You – Bethel Music
God I Look To You – Bethel Music
Love Came Down – Bethel Music

I Want To Know You – Jesus Culture
Alleluia – Jesus Culture
Oh How We Love You – Jesus Culture
We Stand Before – Jesus Culture
Sing Out – Jesus Culture
No Other Like You – Jesus Culture
Weight Of Heaven – Jesus Culture