Synthesis Simplified

How to use any synth - software or hardware - to design, tweak, and create sounds.


Learn the secrets of sound design and synthesis that you'll use for the rest of your life (in music).

What if I told you what you need to know in order to create an amazing pad sound, sculpt a perfect piano sound, make a punchy synth bass or a searing lead... all start with the same fundamental knowledge?

What if that same foundation would give you the knowledge and understanding to start learning how to use compression the studio, eq for live sound, and understand crucial aspects of mixing audio?

Now imagine that you could learn that foundational knowledge in about 2 1/2 hours.

It might be hard to believe, but it's true. The concepts you need to know in order to make amazing sounds on your keyboard, overlap with so many of the concepts you'll find in studio production, live audio production, and more. Synthesis and Sound Design concepts are universal and apply to every genre, approach, and style in music. The same tech you need to know to make a filter "zap" is the same tech you need to know to make a compressor sing.

And now, I want to share that knowledge with you...


Synthesis Simplified

How To Create And Modify Sounds In Any Synth Or Software

What you will discover inside:

The background

You'll learn the quick and dirty history of synthesis and why it's important for understanding modern synths and software. The truth is, almost all tech in modern music stems from this era - truly understanding the context of what we are doing is a big deal.


One of the frequent responses I get from students of this class goes something like "I hit the edit button on my keyboard... and actually understood what I was seeing."

Imagine never getting confused at settings in your synth, keyboard, or software again.

A universal process

You'll discover the process and flow that lets you design just about any sound ever - in any piece of software or synth. Whether you pick up a vintage Juno, pop open Omnisphere, or hit "edit" on an Kronos... you'll know exactly what to do next in order to achieve your desired sound.

Examples that are actually useful.

Too often, we get examples that don't actually help.

"What's a filter?" "CHECK OUT THIS SPACESHIP NOISE!!!"

When the truth is... that doesn't help at all. I give you examples and show you how to build sounds you'll actually use.

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Design the sounds you know you're capable of today.

What our students are saying

"You aren’t getting ambiguous theory with Ian. You are getting practical, usable information that is extremely beneficial if you are willing to put it into practice.

Shannon Weeks

Synth University Student

"Through Ian’s educational material I have learned more in the last year than the past 6 combined. His attention to detail and in depth training is second to none!"

Devin Adkins

Synth University Student

"Ian has a knack for distilling complex subjects into small topics and teaching those to others in a clear and fun way. I will continue to subscribe to anything that Ian produces in the future."

Nick De La Sorte

Synth University Student

Hi, I'm Ian McIntosh

Producer and keyboardist at Jesus Culture, and founder of Synth University where I help keys and synth players master synthesis, sound design, and audio software.

I do this through my In Context Training method I employ here at Synth University so you can produce better albums, design better sounds, and create more amazing sequences and arrangements.

Intro To Synthesis (just one of many workshops available inside Synth University) is responsible for helping thousands of keys/synth players, producers, and sound designers just like you finally feel confident with their synths.

Without it, you waste your time turning knobs, trying every setting ever, and watching pointless YouTube videos about sounds and genres you'll never use...

With it, you unlock the path to effortless sound design, and unlocking limitless potential.

Now, go forth and start creating!

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Synthesis Simplified


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Open your synth and actually understand what you are looking at - never get confused at settings in your synth ever again.

    The Universal Process

    Understand the universal system Every. Single. Synth. uses, so you can create leads, pads, and basses at your will.

      Synthesis History

      Almost all tech in modern music stems from the early era of synthesizers - truly understanding the context of what we are doing is a big deal.

        Examples You'll Actually Use

        Look over my shoulder as I share with you examples of simple patches you'll actually use.

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          Frequently Asked Questions

          Is this mobile friendly?

          Absolutely. The videos are mobile friendly with nothing to install.

          How long do I have access for

          How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

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          Design the sounds you know you're capable of today.