Masterful Transitions - The Art Of The In Between

Master the art of the "in-between"

Have you ever thought about how little time is spent on understanding that small yet significant space in a setlist? It’s really a fascinating thought. How much silence is too much? What’s the best way to create seamless transitions? How do you allow for spontaneous while still keeping some amount of intentionality between songs?

The answer, of course, is finessed at best.

Join Me For A Workshop:
Masterful Transitions, The Art Of The In-Between

In this 90 minute workshop, we cover the following:

  • How to flow in between songs
  • Understanding the role of silence
  • How to think 3 steps ahead - and be prepared for anything
  • When to plan transitions and when not to
  • How to include patch changes into the plan
  • Juggling tracks, patches, and flow - while still being engaged.
  • Exactly how Jesus Culture plans a set
  • What 17 years on stage with Jesus Culture has taught me about the “in-between”


The point of this workshop is simple - you’ve likely noticed and felt when transitions become awkward. And let’s face it - it’s really quite important.

Here are a few examples of transitions that I’ve been a part of that turned into something a little more… see if you recognize any of them...

  • 2003-2006, I was on the Sunday PM worship team, when the transition spilled over into a fantastic moment. A spontaneous chorus Brian Johnson sang eventually became a little song called “One Thing Remains”
  • In 2011, in Chicago with Jesus Culture, we ended a song. At that moment in the set list, there was an opportunity for an “all in” song. We were recording an album - there was EVERY reason to move on. But we paused. For the next 15-20 minutes, the crowd ROARED and sang a melody at literally 130db (our FOH engineer checked it)
  • The spontaneous moment in You Won’t Relent
  • And a little, barely known moment in the song How He Loves where Kim prophesies. (Ok you might know that one)

These moments all represent a point in time that things could have gone terribly wrong! If Josh (drums) or I were antsy and pulled the trigger early… we could have completely changed the history of Jesus Culture. Crazy!

Over the past 17 years with Jesus Culture and Bethel, I’ve made mastering the art of transitions a passion of mine. On February 3rd, at 4:00pm PST, I’ll share with you what I’ve learned.

My workshops are designed to be both practical and profound. You’ll learn something, you’ll have “aha!” moments, and you’ll want to take notes - BUT you’ll definitely leave with new practical tips, tricks, and strategies to apply the principles I teach - in your scenario (team, band, etc.)

This workshop will be great for any keys player on any worship team, no matter the size. There are things you only learn with experience and on-stage time… let me share with you what I’ve learned from the past 17 years - I know it will be right for you.

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Why Register?

Don't get me wrong- you could come up with an action plan to work on transitions, and quite possibly find some. However, this is the kind of information you can only really learn, really "get it," from on-stage experience, or from a mentor of some kind. And without someone to help - who knows how long it would take to learn?

Don't go at it alone - learn from my mistakes and my failures!


Q: I'm a complete newbie! Is this a good workshop for me?

A: Yes! This workshop will be very much applicable to every skill level. Newbies can expect to build on a solid foundation. Having the concepts I'll teach established early in your journey is actually a huge advantage - as you learn, you'll be building upon that foundation.

Q: I'm a genius! Is this a good workshop for me?

A: Yes! This workshop will be very much applicable to every skill level. In all honesty, I see very very few "pros" pull off seriously great transitions. Whether savvy band, cool charismatic church, or mega church suit-and-tie... every context has specific weaknesses we will address.

Q: My gear looks like ______ (insert software/hardware here)... is this a good workshop for me?

A: Yes! There won't be any restriction on gear. I teach frequently with Ableton/Reason, but these are larger concepts than software/hardware. No matter who you are or what gear you have, your path to Masterful Transitions is going to be the same basic idea. A pad is a pad. A feeling or sense is a feeling or sense. A moment is a moment. I'll address the issues in ways that nearly anyone can take and apply.

Q: Is this live?

A: Unfortunately not. It is a pre recorded video streamed live. I do try to preserve the feeling a live event however - there is a chat etc etc. I'll be around in the chat to hang as well.

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